MIT Bootcamp

Innovation Leadership

October 3 - December 8, 2022

10 week online Bootcamp





MIT Innovation Leadership Bootcamp

An online action-learning program to create value through entrepreneurial creativity, leadership, and problem solving


MIT Innovation Leadership Bootcamps bring the rigorous, immersive, collaborative, action-learning experience of our in-person Bootcamps online. Over 10 weeks, you will learn and work with a global team of innovators carefully selected by MIT Bootcamps to build and deliver value through innovation. You will learn principles central to innovation directly  from MIT instructors: problem discovery, ideation, user innovation, customer sense-making, and more. Your team will be coached by experienced MIT innovators. You’ll hear from entrepreneurs, investors, and others from MIT’s diverse innovation ecosystem.



By the end of the Bootcamp, you and your team will have the tools to get to “Yes” for the following questions:

     > Am I solving an important problem?

     > Am I delivering a superior solution?

     > Am I doing this in a financially sustainable way?









Learn alongside global innovators selected by MIT Bootcamps

From a combination of live sessions with MIT instructors and guest speakers, coaching sessions with an MIT Bootcamps coach, regular meetings with your global team, plus your individual work, we expect active engagement from all participants. This isn’t a typical online course. It’s a dynamic, immersive learning experience where you build the foundations of a venture with a global team in just 10 weeks.



Global Collaboration

Master remote collaboration, across cultures and timezones

As the world has learned in 2020, effective virtual collaboration is a necessary skill now and for the future as workplace configurations adapt. In this Bootcamp, you’ll gain experience collaborating, leading, and innovating with a global team, virtually. Learn and practice “best practices” for effective virtual collaboration.



01.LBecoming & Belonging

Join our global community

Over the last six years, MIT Bootcamps has carefully selected 1300+ changemakers from 100+ countries who have built an active and supportive global network of Bootcampers. In addition to your classmates, expand your professional network beyond your own Bootcamp team and cohort and receive continued access to content curated and developed by MIT Bootcamps, post-Bootcamp. When we can convene again in-person, we hope to meet you somewhere in the world at an alumni conference or Trek!




“At the Bootcamp, you will find a practical, rigorous, and systematic framework for innovation leadership with an extraordinary international community by your side.”




Oct 3 - Dec 8, 2022

10 week online program divided up into six key learning modules.




Live Online

Learners will need regular computer and internet access to participate in live sessions.



$4,000 USD

Tuition includes access to all learning platforms and course materials. We are not able to offer scholarships at this time.



Apply Now

*Application Deadline

Apply by September 7th, 2022 at 11:59pm EST. 





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Program Framework

What to expect at the Bootcamp


The MIT Innovation Leadership Bootcamp is different from most online courses. A combination of live teaching sessions and workshops with MIT instructors (which are recorded for your flexibility), a team-based project to build a venture with a global team, and regular team-based coaching from an experienced MIT entrepreneur, the Bootcamp is a hands-on, immersive, and rigorous learning experience. In 10 weeks, you’ll learn to identify an innovation opportunity, develop and deliver a superior solution, and select a business model to deliver value for a range of stakeholders.


Innovation Process Card




Learning Journey

Blended Learning


Practical Creativity 

Innovators often get “stuck.” Learn practical techniques to identify viable opportunity spaces and generate new ones.

Customer Discovery 

Your end users are at the core of your  venture and you must understand them profoundly. Learn to identify their unmet needs - the opportunity to create value for them and your venture. 

Problem Definition

The problem defines the innovation opportunity and potential to create value. Learn how to frame and specify the problem opportunity so that you develop a solution that creates real value.

Solution Development

It takes four modules to even discuss the solution! This is because superior solutions are built on the foundation of a well-specified opportunity and knowing your end user well. Learn to develop a solution that works AND your end user will love.

Financial Sustainability 

Venture creation doesn’t end with creating a superior solution. It has to get to the end user. Learn how the business model and other decisions you make can create value for your customer and your startup.


Communicating the value you are creating is key to engaging co-founders, employees, partners, customers, and investors. Learn to craft a story that engages a range of stakeholders and clearly communicates the value your venture will deliver.


Pitch your venture and receive feedback from MIT Bootcamps judges.


Online Courseware01.L


The Bootcamp is a blended learning program, incorporating four MIT Bootcamps MOOCs [Massive Open Online Courses] on edX. The MOOCs are free to the public and we recommend starting these entrepreneurship courses while applying to the Bootcamp.


You Can Innovate User Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship 101 Who is your customer?


Entrepreneurship 102    What can you do for your customer?


Entrepreneurship 103    Show Me The Money